March is for Making tops & a Charity Challenge

So you’re in lock down for a couple weeks and are stuck with a stash full of fabric. How awful right? 😉 My Challenge is for those working on charity quilts this month.

I’m really excited to offer a list of designs at a special price of 1.5 cent per square inch.

Here’s the rules: All charity quilts that come to me in April when COVID is over and will get a reduced rate if they meet this criteria:

  1. Tops and backs must be well pressed and come on a hanger, squared up (no extra untrimmed fabric in the corners, square it up so I know how to align it) You help me save time and I will help you save money.
  2. Quilt backs should be ready to load with no more or less than 4-6″ wider on each side (no way oversized or Minky backs) Mark the top with a safety pin for both quilt top and backing.
  3. Choose a thread color by description and/or attach a piece for me to match.
  4. Measure them with accuracy across the center width and length (not at the borders) and write it on the order form.
  5. Call, email or text an appointment and I will watch for your quilt drop off.
  6. Take a photo of your charity quilt being delivered to its donation point and send it to me when finished. I like to post these. 🙂
  7. This porch drop off is for all quilts, not just Charity but the price concession is only for Charity quilts.
  8. Text or email me and I can send you an order form to print off and fill in or you can use your own and I can contact you with the details.

Charity Designs Below:

So enjoy your quilting quarantine and gentle quilters start your machines!!

On the side of caution

Most of you are aware my of husbands kidney condition, to error on the side of caution, I would like to limit intakes for a couple weeks. I have enough quilts in house currently to keep me busy, I won’t get to any new quilt sooner, and that will reduce my turn around time for when I take in quilts again.

For those quilts I currently have in house, I will contact you and you’re welcome to come pick up your quilt. We can talk and decide when you want your quilt and I will have it packaged for quick pick up.

If you have a quilt you need for a special event, please call me so I can put you on my book and plan for it (248) 622-3666. Right now I think many will be home working on projects they’ve been trying to complete.

Lets’ all keep busy, stay safe and healthy. Remember to get up and stretch or take a walk if you’re putting the sewing machine pedal to the metal.

Spread only love