5 & Dime Quilt and a vintage throw

Here’s Kathy’s 5 & Dime quilt. The quilting design is Brittany B2B, White Hobbs 80/20 batting & silver thread.


She chose a print backing. You can still see the texture. qC+kNdOuShmlzp27Mxk0Pg

This is a vintage quilt Kathy finished with a bird print border. I dropped this over a chair for the photo. The quilting design is Frond, the batting is Hobbs 80/20 cream & the thread color is blue.HHimi59xT5WjuT59M45vpAVB60KCLbQK+pN6FFqxAT5g

She chose a flower print for backing fabric. This is a nice little quilt. 5mFYMGQXRT66RfoiKQ46gQ

So I still have a few more client quilts in my closet to do. Martha S, Connie M, Cathy L & Liz C I’m getting there. Connie’s is next & then Cathy L.

I have 3 openings for Sept 24th – 27th retreat at the Lake Huron Conference Center. I need to know before Aug 1 if you want to fill a space. We have to report our info to the conference center so they can prepare for us. Email or call me if you want to attend.

I know it’s been hot and humid but soak in what you can because the days of summer are flying by!


Artsail Indoor Art Fest July 21st

Want to go to an Art Show and Sale and beat the heat next weekend?  Art Sail is taking place July 21st in Keego Harbor Mich.  There will be a variety of Artists sharing their works, including Martha Vanderbroek Stewart, who will have beautiful quilts for sale.


You can look at the artists on https://www.facebook.com/groups/ArtSail/ .   You can see Marthas quilts at her Facebook page . 


Chasing Perfection?

Chasing Perfection in your piecework? Then this might be for you. Any tip I can find that helps make piecing more accurate I’m all over.  This was posted on The Quilt Show (where you can purchase it) and I wanted to share.  Notice when they talk about how pinning can cause distortion? Yes, I agree! Its better than nothing but I think what they’ve developed is way better than pinning!  You might only want to do this on special pieces but I can see where  it would make corners and just matching up and pressing more accurate.  Doing a show quilt?  What do you think? I think I’m going to try it. Here’s a link to a you tube video so you can see how it’s done.

Acorn Easy Precision Piecing


Duck, Duck, Duck…..goose!

Isn’t this a cute baby quilt? Cathy Labrie whipped this up and picked a cute new design called Playful E2E, which looks like water in motion.  The thread is white & she provided the batting (Hobbs 80/20 like ??) The backing is really cute too.

***I’m still finishing up some client work. There is more of it, so you’ll still be seeing some posts of quilts pieced by others***