Locked Down and Quilting

I’m trying to stay fluid and follow the rules and keep everyone safe. With that in mind, we’ve moved into the no contact stage of physical distancing, so I won’t be doing drop offs and pick ups of quilts until we are advised it’s ok.

If you need help with a quilt, by all means, call me and send me some photos. I would be happy to hear from you. I hope you’re staying safe and getting some much needed rest and time with family.

The Red Eye

I’ve had my eye out for another treadle machine. About 15 years ago I gave my grandmothers away to a good home and now wish I still had it. I’ve added more space to my studio so I wouldn’t be taking up space like it was before. What’s one more machine right? I can add a little motion to my sewing too.

I started looking and joined the Singer Treadle Group on Facebook. I scrolled down about 5 posts and there it was, a really nice Red Eye for sale and by luck it was not far from my home. What the luck.

I messaged the seller and went to his workshop to pick it up the next day. As a quilter I’m used to people wanting a tour of my work space so it was fun to see another artists work space. The sellers name is Mike Riley, and he has a pretty cool studio!! He takes vintage “dead” sewing machines and crafts them into pieces of art. I got to see them first hand and was not disappointed.

Here is a pic of a cannon he made from an old Singer machine

He must have had 40+ Singer’s and other machine heads stored in one wall area. It was pretty exciting to know they will be transformed into something very cool and interesting. He also had a huge supply of parts for old vintage machines. If there’s a part you need I’m pretty sure he has it.

He also uses old musical instruments to create sculptures.

Bi-plane (trombone slide wings)

Here is a link so you can check out some of his work. https://www.facebook.com/RoundhouseSculptures/?tn=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARABbHHSitbyZx74YFKIcqOahJZ_g3KyPu3Enj0znTD-03jAC4u8GSd5nXtOtsu7op556h1DrBtKt8vL


Here is the name of the FB group if you own any Vintage Treadle Machines they post a lot of nice photos there. The Group is “Singer Treadle Sewing Machines and Variants”.

Now I’m on the look out for a nice treadle cabinet. I do want a Singer one, I have one I’m watching but am waiting on some better photos to see condition. I am up for some work on it but I don’t know how to replace veneer. Contact me if you know of one locally thats in good shape.