What’s on the machine today

I’m finishing up the last work for the holiday. I was sidelined for a week with some back trouble but finally getting to where I can work again.

Here are some pretty quilts for clients, you know who you are. ūüôā

The quilt pattern on this bright quilt is “Boing” an Ann Bright design, steel blue thread & I think Legacy batting.



The next is a throw with the design Musical B2B (also Ann Bright), Violet thread & Hobbs batting. The backing fabric is Fleece.


I hope you enjoy seeing some Secret Santa Quilts.

Sewing seeds of kindness.

Table runners

I’m posting some photos of table runners that are gifts so I’m not sharing the name of the maker. The first group were quilted on my Gammill quilting machine. ¬†This machine is for sale. (check prior post for details) There are 3 identical table runners with the strawberry print borders. The quilting design is LaFleur Panto082, cream color thread and Hobbs 80/20 batting.

The bottom table runner is more modern. I quilted this one on my Innova quilting machine. The quilting design is Modern Ties B2B, white thread and Hobbs 80/20 batting.


Go out and spread the seeds of love through quilting.

Gammill with Intelliquilter BasiQ for sale

Part of my slow down plan involves selling one of my Longarm quilting machines. I’ve decided to let go of my second machine. I purchased my Gammill Classic Conventional Quilting Machine with 12′ table in 2013 for doing edge to edge quilting.

Its a 1998 non-stitch regulated machine that I purchased from a an owner who was in a car accident and unable to use it. She kept it for years just oiling it hoping to get well enough to use it. When I brought it home in 2013 I took it to Accomplish Quilting and had it serviced and they confirmed that it had not been used for more than 1 -2 quilts.

In 2014 I added a Intelliquilter BasiQ computer to the machine.  This is a robot that does pantograph only designs and the software can be upgraded with full custom features.  You can read more about Intelliquilter BasiQ at Intelliquilter.  The BasiQ is equipped with a collection of designs.

I will include some thread, bobbins, needles, machine oil, bobbin case ruler plate, laser light, long ruler, Black light bulb and side clamps.

After market items include casters, new canvas leaders with zippers and Edge Rider Wheels. I also have leader grips added for easily attaching quilts on and off the machine without pins.

The table is easy to break down, move and set up.

This machine is a $16,000 value I’m offering for $13,000. ¬†This would make a great Christmas gift and has been a great second machine for me. I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

I’m located in Waterford, Michigan. Email or call me if you are seriously interested in a great Longarm Quilting Machine.

See a video of the machine quilting on my FB page : https://www.facebook.com/quilted.impressions/?eid=ARCPqSgFJoDdTOwguV6SgehbT4gzCWYszwIy-DDuX5ghwLrVYhGMLSyNP1N2c-S9ef8m-XtqQeC6zTLj


I just finished quilting this quilt on the Gammill. You can see it makes a wonderful stitch.



Nativity Stained Glass Quilt

This is a quilt I’ve quilted for my friend Marlene. ¬†It’s been on and off my machine so many times I cannot count. ¬†She gave me 10 years to finish it so its actually early. ¬†She made 2 of these quilt for her grand kids. ¬†I have another to quilt still. ¬†You may remember one I quilted for her friend Cindy some years ago.

I used mono thread on a lot of it so the details are hard to photo on the front but you can see the work on the back. ¬†It it involved a lot of outlining and has a lot of texture. ¬† This is a really large quilt, the back is sateen and has a lovely sheen. ¬†I’ll be adding a black binding left from the sateen back. ¬†I think her grands will be happy to have these as a lovely gift for years and years.






Indigo Blue and Blowing in the Wind Quilts

Shirley worked on this indigo blue quilt at fall retreat. Her backing could be another quilt top. It’s really a beautiful quilt.

Below is her Blowing in the Wind quilt in flannels, the pattern is by¬†https://www.modernquiltstudio.com. The fabric didn’t photo its true green color but this is really a darker green & blue. The quilting is a freehand water meander. Its really soft and peaceful.