The Importance of Pressing

Pressing questions come up a lot when I meet with quilters. When a quilt tops arrives at my door they may have been pressed but often they have not held the press. When the seams pop up the quilt doesn’t lay nice and flat for quilting. I often cannot reach under and flip them to lay flat or they change direction mid seam. It makes a huge difference in the end result when a quilt is well pressed. The seams are properly pressed, stay pressed and lay flat for quilting.

Not holding a press
After a quick press

If you want to take your quilting to the next level I suggest taking a look at the way you press. When and the direction you press matters. If you wait until it’s all sewn to press, how do you know which way the seams should go? The seam is not fully open for sewing to the next piece. If there is an issue it will be found sooner than at the end and can be fixed. Pressing during block construction will also make the final press easier.

Once the quilt is well pressed, carefully fold it and place it on a hangar. I cannot stress enough… don’t put it in a bag. They just don’t hold a press when in a bag.

Not pressed well enough, changing direction mid seam will also pop up
I had to press it while on the machine to get the seams going the same direction and lay flat, and I cannot press down on the fabric when its on my quilt frame.

I found a great article about pressing with step by step photos. Here is a link to it:

There is always more to learn when quilting. Be open to trying new things. Grab your favorite beverage and give it a try! It might end up being your next favorite thing.

Remaking the Studio

Today I spent some time revising my studio work space. It feels so much more open with only one Longarm machine in the room. I decided to put the Juki sewing machine at the TV end. The Innova is pretty loud when it runs so I won’t have to turn it up so loud. I also moved my cutting table back in the room.

I still have a lot of stuff to sort through but it feels more organized. I need to pick out some paint and figure out what color or neutral to go with. Change is good. Winter is a great time of year to sort through it all and boy do I have some sorting ahead of me.

I can’t believe it has been 14 years since I started this venture. Here’s a photo of how much I got done today.

The Gammill is Sold

My Gammill Longarm machine has left Waterford. It is moving to Plymouth. The new owner, Anna, plans to start her own business. I wish her well on her new endeavor.

Getting your first Longarm machine is so exciting and a little over whelming. It will be a lot of fun for he learning the machine. It’s nice to share the joy of quilting with others.

This is the last quilt I quilted on the Gammill. It’s Cathys pineapples.
The quilting design is Two Simple.
I’ve got some space to fill now, cutting table, sewing machine, and ironing board should fill it up nicely.

The last quilts of 2018

This is a special quilt pattern that represents the beat of a drum. It’s a gift for a drummer.  The quilt design is Musical B2B. The batting is Hobbs 80/20. The backing is fleece.


The next quilt is fabric from Pat Bravo called Legendary. The quilt design is Peacock, the thread is



The next quilt is quilted with Ginko Garden by Ann Bright. The batting is Hobbs 80/20. The last picture is the very pretty quilt backing.