Cathy’s Little Quilts

Cathy whipped up a couple cuties. The first is quilted with Mary-Ann Edge to Edge allover design, & white thread.


Oops, should have turned this photo…. fgGDBvp7QoSiPtxNq0It%w

This little quilt top is flannel. The colors are lovely light shades of peachy pink. The photos don’t always represent the colors as they are in person.  The quilting design is Modern Flower. She chose a stripe backing non-flannel. Its a cute little quilt.


Happy Binding!

Good Neighbor

Here are some photos of Cathy’s quilts. Cathy has been sharing her love of quilting with friends & family. Her grand daughter made this quilt while on vacation. She’s a new very young quilter!  Her quilt is quilted with Paw Prints B2B by Ann Bright.  (I denote the digital designer to give them credit for their work and because other quilters often will like a design and want to know where to purchase it.)


Cathy’s neighbor, Trudy, is also learning to quilt. She already sews but had never made quilts. Her quilt is quilted with an Ann Bright design called Maryann B2B.


This is Cathy’s Good Neighbor quilt. It’s very cool and modern. She chose Chartreuse color thread. The design is called Figure 8 panto by Karen Thompson.



Happy Binding!

Hopscotch,Picnic lunch & Winter Woodland quilts

Here are 5 quilts made by Liz C.  She’s been busy piecing and is getting ahead of the holiday rush. Lovely! The first is a Winter Panel by Moda called Winter Woodland. The quilting design is Pixie Dust.


Next is a blue strip quilt. Quilting design is Midnight Sparkle.


This is Hopscotch, flannel front and back . The quilting design is Wack a Doodle.


This pink baby quilt has quilting design Daisy on a string. Its also flannel front and back.


The final quilt is Picnic Lunch. The quilting design is Dandy allover. The back is Minky or Cuddle type fabric.


Hope you enjoyed Liz’s quilt show!


Spectrum Quilt

OK, so here it is, my Spectrum quilt finished except for the binding. I decided to quilt it with a lot of texture and a violet thread. I used some white Hobbs 80/20 batting, a little flatter batting. It’s got a ‘lot’ of texture!

I learned a lot while making this. I hadn’t paper pieced in years but that comes back pretty quickly. The paper piece part of this quilt is very simple.  I should have taken the paper off the piece sooner and everything would have lined up perfectly but I learn my best lessons through hindsight.

Getting varying shades of grey is important if you want the gradient look. If you look closely you’ll see the colors also fade from left to right. I now need to pick a binding. I found this backing in my stash and it doesn’t photo well but has all the colors from dark to light so I might use that for binding. I found the best places to get solid fabrics was at Lolly’s and Yoder’s department store in Shipshewana In.

Now that I know what I’m doing with this pattern, I have some other ideas for making it again but with different colors and backgrounds. It won’t happen right away. I have many other quilts that need finishing first. Doesn’t everyone?

If you want this pattern here is a link to Coleens website: Northwater Quilts.  She will be teaching this class in Feb 9, 2019, in Evansville, Indiana for the Raintree Quilters Guild.