Hummel Panel Quilt

I have had this panel in my closet for years. I decided to finally get it out and quilt it. I didn’t take the time to press the edges so they are a little twisted from just finishing the binding. Its actually very flat I just didn’t take any time reshaping before taking the pics. I decided to custom quilt it with some wool batting to give it a little more depth.

I did some outlining, continuous curves, put some acorns into the orange sashes, pumpkins in the orange cornerstones, and leaves in the border. I think it’s a sweet little Halloween quilt.

Mermaid Quilt a Colorgirl pattern

This is my Mermaid quilt I finally loaded and quilted. The batting is Hobbs 80/20 white and the thread is cream. Since this is an odd shaped block, I took a digitized design and altered and added more to it to fill the solid space with filigree. The square spiral was done using the IQ’s echo feature. It took a lot of fussing but I like the texture of the curls and straight lines.
I’ve had this fabric for some time and the colors went really well with this top.

Voyager Quilt & a Charity

This is a quilt called Voyager, a pattern by Villa Rosa Designs, pieced by Martha. The quilting design is Spikey Swirls, Burgundy thread & Polydown batting.

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Martha also pieced this cute charity quilt. The quilting design is Daisy Chain by Darlene Epp.  The batting is warm & natural with cream thread and a cream flannel backing.  This is a pretty little quilt.

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