Cheater Panel Wallhanging

Sometimes when I have a machine issue to resolve I need to stitch out to see if the fix worked. This was the case today. I changed a check spring then needed to test it to make sure any loops I was encountering were no longer happening. Instead of using plain old muslin I decided to just quilt a panel that I had hanging around for years. This is the panel quilted and the good news is the problem seems to be resolved.

Cheater Panel with a baptist fan quilting design
Printed, not pieced.

Holiday Quilts

Anyone wanting holiday quilts finished for Dec 2019 need to get them to me pronto. Call or email me to schedule a drop off appointment. I still have some space available.

Quilt backs must be 4″ wider on each side.

Quilt tops need to be well pressed so the seams lay flat and are not twisted.

Check for open seams.

There is a check list on the Quilt Preparation Tab above.