On the side of caution

Most of you are aware my of husbands kidney condition, to error on the side of caution, I would like to limit intakes for a couple weeks. I have enough quilts in house currently to keep me busy, I won’t get to any new quilt sooner, and that will reduce my turn around time for when I take in quilts again.

For those quilts I currently have in house, I will contact you and you’re welcome to come pick up your quilt. We can talk and decide when you want your quilt and I will have it packaged for quick pick up.

If you have a quilt you need for a special event, please call me so I can put you on my book and plan for it (248) 622-3666. Right now I think many will be home working on projects they’ve been trying to complete.

Lets’ all keep busy, stay safe and healthy. Remember to get up and stretch or take a walk if you’re putting the sewing machine pedal to the metal.

Spread only love