Quilting Referral

I want to post a referral for those looking for a new quilter.  Crystal Smythe quilts beautifully and has been a trusted quilter for so many. She began Longarm quilting right before I did.  I would trust my quilts with Crystal.  She offers a drop off service at Bit’s and Pieces quilt shop.  You don’t have to make an appointment, just go when you are ready.

You can read more about Crystal at her business link Longarm Lyrics. She offers a similar price structure, both allover and custom quilting. She has several machines and a quick and reasonable turnaround time.

Her son also works with her and she has taught him well. She’s is a teacher of IntelliQuilter and someone I contact when I have questions. She also owns a digitizing software business so she has a huge number of designs available.

Yes this might be a longer drive for many but it’s worth doing because she will take good care of your quilts and has a great read on design and how to deal with issues that come up with piecing. Besides you love to drive to see new quilt shops so if you haven’t been to Bit’s and Pieces it’s another shop to check out.

***Please, don’t take the quilts you’ve worked so hard on to a company that has a revolving door of inexperienced quilters just for a fast turn around!!!

You put a lot of time and money into your quilt so don’t settle for cheap work when you can get great work from an experienced quilter like Crystal.

Box Trot Quilt

MaryAnn made this quilt from the pattern Box Trot.  Its a extra large quilt so I’m just taking a few snaps of it. The quilting design is Festival E2E, Pink thread & Hobbs 80/20 batting. Beautiful colors!!


This is the back of her quilt with a flower fabric in the center. This quilt is 116″ x 122″, made for a larger elevated bed.


What’s up Monday

Whats on my machines today?  Two very different style of quilts. First is Shirley’s modern BQ3.  I love the prints she used.


The second quilt is Maryann’s floral quilt. Its a big one, 116″ x 122″!  My machine is maxed out with this on it and very little room on the sides for clamps. Beautiful fabrics, bright and cheery.


Check out the 1/4″ inner border. Now that’s a great skill on a large quilt like this. If you’re wondering, that’s a zero centering tape that I sometimes use to make sure I’m aligning the quilt straight.  It measures zero in the middle then by inch in each direction.