About Nancy

I’m Nancy Hughson, a professional Longarm Quilter. I learned to Longarm quilt first doing freehand quilting and moved on to owning 2 Longarm machines, both updated with computers. 

I’ve been quilting for the public since 2006.

I’ve enjoyed the process of learning new techniques and seeing all of the lovely quilts made by others. Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of quilts!!  

I’m ready to slow down and work on more of my own quilts now. I’m also beginning to ease back on the number of quilts I quilt for others. Therefore, I’m no longer taking new customer quilts.  I will still be quilting for a very limited few, in my stitch group & guild.

I’m referring Crystal Smythe of Longarm Lyrics for quilting. Here’s where you can see some photos of her quilts, Longarm Lyrics on Facebook. She offers a drop off service a Bits N Pieces Quilt Shop in Wayne. She’s knows her business and will take good care of you & your quilt. 

I’d like to thank those that have allowed me to quilt for them all of these years. I wish you all the best.  I will still be posting photos of the things I’m working on and what my stitch group is finishing. 

Sincerely, Nancy Hughson

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