Dead in the Water

Well yesterday I was clicking along in my basement studio. I had two quilts loaded and quilting away. Then it happened, my Intelliquilter on the Innova machine decided to have an issue.

I thought at first it stopped quilting near the end of a row because it ran out of bobbin thread but oh no, it couldn’t be something that simple. I still had bobbin thread but now I could see an error message flashing at the top corner of the screen. Comm error B3, which means communication issue with my Y motor.  So now I know it’s a machine issue, and the machine is not the Innova, it’s an IQ (Intelliquilter) one.

The best I can describe it is an issue with the robot is a more high tech thing to deal with than a regular computer issue. It talks to the hydraulic motors which move on an X, Y axis so I need to do some reading & problem solving before I submit my problem to the Zen desk where they will walk me through a litany of issues to get to the root of the problem.  While they are brilliant people to work with, I was just hoping for a simple Sat of finishing up a couple quilts & maybe getting a little piecing in or maybe watch a movie.

After a lot of checking leads and connections, I’m pretty sure my Y motor cable has a break inside, and it only works when in a specific position. This cable moves with the machine so is never just still.

Cathy D, I was working on your quilt so it is on hold partially completed for now. Hopefully they can get me up & running again quickly. Worse scenario, they have to mail me some parts for my to reinstall. If it turns into a longer issue to fix, then I’ll move your quilt over to the other machine to finish up.  I’m grateful I have a second machine so I can do a little work still on the panto only machine.  I also know that Zoltan doesn’t give up on issues and will work it through until it’s working again. He also ships parts next day so it we aren’t dead in the water for long. Happy Saturday!