Music Quilt – Moscato D’asti

Here is a cool Music Quilt with Spikey Swirl allover quilting, gold thread & Hobbs Polydown batting. This is the front of her quilt. The name of the quilt pattern is Moscato D’asti. I’ll share a pic of the pattern photo too. Its the reverse color way. I like the way Jackie made the pinwheels dark so they stand out more.


The next photos are of her quilt back. This turned out really pretty but was difficult for the Longarmer since I cannot see the back while I’m quilting. Its not uncommon for that much piecing next to a solid piece of fabric to draw in and cause trouble in areas that cannot be seen by the quilter. Its hard since this is hanging upside down on the machine.

I did have to take out a large pleat in the center and do some “quilter magic” to re-quilt that area and make it flat enough to be quilted.   Thankfully there was a good outcome but I like to avoid this if possible. This quilt turned out to be a lovely two sided quilt. I love the piecing and anyone that sees this quilt would never know that there were some moments during the quilting process that involved some extra care.

It’s a great teaching opportunity when I can share info about quilts since I see such a variety of them. When I used to get my quilts Longarm quilted all I knew about the process was where to find my quilters house.  I really didn’t know what went into the quilting process.  I like to share ‘why’ I have some special requests or restrictions. Its easier for clients to know what goes on in the quilting process and why we charge extra fees at times that we weren’t expecting during intake.



**Just a note to say, if you love your quilter, bring them a simple quilt back and that will guarantee a good outcome. I don’t want to have to charge for extra work when it can be avoided.  Love the quilt though. It really turned out to be a beauty 🙂