Whats in the works

Today I have a couple things I’m working on. The edge 2 edge quilt belongs to Martha. Here is a sneak peek of her Bunny quilt. She wanted to quilt it with Spark allover design, which is looking really good! The thread is charcoal grey but looks a lighter under the bright lights that are over my machine.


****Editing to add finished photos*****

IMG_2898 IMG_2899 IMG_2901   The black & white back for the quilt.

I’m starting on a Cuppa Quilt that belongs to Susan C. I’m part of the Sue Spargo BOM group 2016 called CUPPA & have a handful of ladies that needed someone to finish up their wooly projects. While I don’t normally do much custom quilting, I will be quilting a few of these special wallhangings for them and with their permission will share photos once I’m allowed to.

These are some of the most details projects I’ve ever seen outside of a high end quilt show. They have many layers of wool & have beautiful hand embroidery embellishing it. I really love looking at all of the detail. I will post a finished photo but until then, it is loaded & ready to begin the quilting. The batting is wool & the backing fabric is also a cool cup print. This is a pretty amazing piece that I’m lucky to see up close.

(If you saw a photo & wonder where it went…..I realized I was not authorized to show those yet by the Sue Spargo rules so I quickly took down the pic. Sorry for any confusion)