Penny’s Quilts

This is Penny’s Christmas Panel quilt with Ornaments quilted allover. The red flannel back shows the design nicely.


The next quilt are appliqué Dresden plates with a Baptist Fan allover design in white thread.


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The last quilt is X’s & O’s with Dragonflies & Hearts design allover. The backing is a pretty flannel.

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Time for binding!

Remembering my Aunt

This weekend was a long weekend off from quilting.  My dear Aunt Jessie passed away a couple weeks ago and her memorial service was Saturday. My sister Jenny came to town. She was asked to speak at the service. She did a lovely job speaking about memories of our aunt. It was a lovely service. She was 97 but there is never enough time and it’s hard to lose someone you love so much.


My sister and I spent a lot of time thinking about family and reflecting on a very different time in our lives and how much the world has changed. I got to see some Aunts, Uncles and cousins that I haven’t seen in years. Our lives seem to be so busy we never see each other and time flies by so quickly now. I think all of the cousins agreed that we need to start having family reunions again. Since our parents have passed away there is a disconnect. It’s really up to us now to try to keep the family together and communication open.

On the quilting front, with all that’s been going on I have really not been quilting. One of my machines has started acting up and I’m in process of resolving the issue.I really have worked but mainly on problem solving.  It may take some time to resolve it. In the meanwhile, I have my second machine running and am finishing Penny’s last quilt. Next up will be one of Theresa’s quilts.

It’s supposed to be a lovely day, 70 degree’s outside.  Enjoy the sunshine!






Christmas Panel Quilt

So this morning is a bit of an ice storm here so perfect weather to go with this quilt. I’ve been a bit negligent on posting photo’s lately. Time to catch up.

This is Penny’s Christmas Panel Quilt. The digital design is Christmas Lights, the backing is a  soft flannel & the thread is a silver grey.  I really like the nostalgic feel of the panel. This is the perfect cold day to sit and bind a quilt.

Stay warm!

Both machines are up and running again

Last week felt like a lot of extra work.  Mechanical equipment sometimes break down and need parts replaced or updated.  Thankfully, I don’t mind problem solving and dealing with mechanical issues. I’m also glad I have a second machine that I can count on while fixing the other. It only took a couple hours to check connections and find the cable that was the culprit. A couple days later I received a new cable assembly and was able to replace it within a couple hours.

What makes me love my Intelliquilters is their reliability. I’ve had this Classic tablet since 2010. Think about how many computers, iPads, phones or cars you’ve gone through since 2010.  I may have to update the tablet one day but when I do it will be because batteries become obsolete or something crazy like that.

When my robot needs service, Zoltan, the developer of the Intelliquilter, understands the need to be quickly back up and running. I can contact the Zen Desk and have them help me problem solve any issues.  In this case he next day aired me a cable assembly which I was able to replace and bingo, the power is back to both motors. All is well now, machines are running like they should. Thank you Zoltan!

Coleen M, your quilt next up for quilting.



Jungle Quilt

Here are some photos of Kathy’s Jungle theme quilt.  The quilting design is Twinkling Stars by Dawna Sanders, Gold thread & Hobbs Polydown batting.  The stars have fussy cut centers. This turned out really nice.

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The design shows up really well on the muslin back.