The Red Eye

I’ve had my eye out for another treadle machine. About 15 years ago I gave my grandmothers away to a good home and now wish I still had it. I’ve added more space to my studio so I wouldn’t be taking up space like it was before. What’s one more machine right? I can add a little motion to my sewing too.

I started looking and joined the Singer Treadle Group on Facebook. I scrolled down about 5 posts and there it was, a really nice Red Eye for sale and by luck it was not far from my home. What the luck.

I messaged the seller and went to his workshop to pick it up the next day. As a quilter I’m used to people wanting a tour of my work space so it was fun to see another artists work space. The sellers name is Mike Riley, and he has a pretty cool studio!! He takes vintage “dead” sewing machines and crafts them into pieces of art. I got to see them first hand and was not disappointed.

Here is a pic of a cannon he made from an old Singer machine

He must have had 40+ Singer’s and other machine heads stored in one wall area. It was pretty exciting to know they will be transformed into something very cool and interesting. He also had a huge supply of parts for old vintage machines. If there’s a part you need I’m pretty sure he has it.

He also uses old musical instruments to create sculptures.

Bi-plane (trombone slide wings)

Here is a link so you can check out some of his work.


Here is the name of the FB group if you own any Vintage Treadle Machines they post a lot of nice photos there. The Group is “Singer Treadle Sewing Machines and Variants”.

Now I’m on the look out for a nice treadle cabinet. I do want a Singer one, I have one I’m watching but am waiting on some better photos to see condition. I am up for some work on it but I don’t know how to replace veneer. Contact me if you know of one locally thats in good shape.

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