Mackinaw Island Needle Arts Seminar

I spent the past week on Mackinaw Island inside the Grand Hotel learning more about piecing and accuracy from the best instructor out there, Bonnie Hunter. I took 3 classes, Emerald City, Pumpkin Patch and Straights of Mackinaw, so basically I was in a seat in her class the whole week!

The biggest take away was that accuracy begins from the very moment you cut into the fabric. It’s when you check your seam allowance before you start sewing the first seams, and it’s about measuring to make sure your’ piecing measures what it should after you press it open.

Here are the blocks I finished from each class.

The Grand Hotel is an incredible place. The food was amazing and the service was top notch.

The Grand Hotel from ferry.

We also ate at the Gate House down the hill from the Grand Hotel which is owned by the same family. There we didn’t have to dress up for dinner but still enjoyed great meals. Since this was the first week the Grand was open the island was not as busy as in the summer. It was a trip well worth taking and I hope to go again sometime. Now I’m back home, back to work tomorrow and will be cooking, cleaning, no mints on the pillow and doing all things for myself again, but I will remember staying at The Grand Hotel. 😉

Happy Quilting

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