Quilter 2 Quilter Sale

This was my first time at the Quilter 2 Quilter sale. I was going to share a table with Martha but we soon found out we brought too much for one table. I lucked out and there was one table left we could rent. Now all our goods would somehow make it on display.

I had spent a few days preparing for this. My legs and hands were killing me from standing and cutting fabrics. I even pressed my fabric so it would look nice, because fabric that has been folded up gets pretty wrinkled. My goal was to let go of items that I would never have time to use, complete, or I have used and no longer need.

If you quilt you also know that fabric is acquired from other sources that you cannot turn down but it doesn’t always have a place in your stash. Some of that had to be shared with others.

It was clearly a one persons trash is another treasure situation. I say trash lovingly because I really didn’t see any trash there but even at the end of the sale there was a vintage Singer sewing machine in cabinet that was left for anyone that wanted it. Her trash, but what a treasure!

There were customers waiting at the door. When they let everyone in it was a fabric frenzy. Around noon I had a moment to snap a few pics of the shoppers. Before the sale started we were allowed to shop. The bottom pic shows my booty from the sale. I sold probably 2/3rds of what I brought with me. It was great to know someone else would put the items to good use. I picked up some nice things that I actually needed. It was well worth doing. The only downside was even though I had a chair I didn’t sit much and my feet are paying the price for hours of standing. Neuropathy is no joke. Oh and the best part was seeing lots of people I know! Many of the guild came and people I knew from The Village Quilt Shop and some of my quilting clients came. I hope everyone found some great items to take home with them.

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