Sue C’s Cuppa Wooly Quilt

This is a Cuppa Wooly Quilt I quilted back in April for Sue C. I couldn’t post photos of it until Sue Spargo released her book of this pattern so better late than never here are the photos.

The border on this quilt has paisley fill and pebbles. The swirls and wide piano keys were a design requested after seeing a quilt finished by Marianne, (longarmer2006) another long-arm quilter in our Cuppa yahoo Group. I wish I knew her full name so I could give her credit for that design. Others I’ve quilted have also liked the large swirls so they were included but the piano keys were made closer to take up some of the fullness and density of quilting.

Each quilt I’ve quilted are different, unique in the combination of designs and background fills. I just discovered the backings are all different as well. Sue Spargo included small pieces of fabric to make the backings wide enough for quilting. So far each one I’ve quilted have been different colors and prints.

For those waiting on their quilt, I have 5 in house currently and Pam V will be next in line for quilting. I plan on completing them all before the Christmas holiday. Thank you for your patience waiting for them to be completed.

IMG_3303   IMG_3304 IMG_3305    IMG_3306 IMG_3307    IMG_3308 IMG_3309    IMG_3310