(IQF) International Quilt Festival Chicago

This week I went to the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. This is my first time attending. The huge Convention center room was split half show quilts and half quilt vendors.  The show was different than others I’ve been to as they had a lot of exhibition quilts. One in particular I found my self photoing only to discover when I got home that they are already online. Here is a link to some of the quilts at the show for the exhibit Stitched Together: http://www.stitchedtogetherexhibit.com/gallery/   The quilt that has really stuck in my mind is by Darcy Berg called Billy.  This was just an exceptional portrait quilt.

The first quilt that I saw when entering the show was Ann and Steve Loveless’ Northwoods Awakening http://friendsatfestival.com/northwood-awakening.html Is is a beautiful quilt that won $200,000 Art Prize in 2015. What an amazing piece.

Now that the show is over there are photos of the winners here: https://www.quilts.com/quilt-festival-chicago-a-celebration-of-color-winners.html

On the vendor side we sprinted first to Wendy Richardson’s booth. Her business is hand dyed fabrics and pieces, Quilt Tapestry Studio. I was taken with a quilt she had hanging in her booth. It was embellished with hand dyed doilies. She allowed me to take a few photos for inspiration. Of course I purchased fabrics & some doily’s from her. IMG_3109 IMG_3110 IMG_3111 IMG_3112


Another artist we targeted was Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr, Modern Quilt Studio https://www.modernquiltstudio.com.   There will be workshops with our guild in the fall and we wanted to purchase fabric for the quilt Transparency.  IMG_3202

I also bought another kit while there & had a book signed. my-guy-kit-photoThis is my “My Guy” quilt kit.

Here are some other goodies I picked up. It was a great time and I have all I need now for the year.  The new rotary cutter has soft grips and is weighted so it doesn’t need so much pressure to cut.  This was sold by Linda Z’s http://www.lindazs.com. The gauze fabric is for clothing. I cannot recall the name of the shop I purchased from. I picked up some wide backing and layer cake from Sew Batik who have some of the prettiest batik and rayon fabrics http://sewbatik.com. It was a good haul.

IMG_3204 IMG_3206 IMG_3207 IMG_3208