Take a picture it will last longer

Do you remember saying that as a kid?  Now I see that saying not as an insult for staring but as a reminder to record the quilts I make.

I record a lot of clients quilts but I realize now that I don’t have photos of all of my own quilts.  I wish I had a photo of the first quilt I made  but it was back before the digital photo age. I’m trying to keep record now of any I make for my memories sake but am also finding more reasons to use my phone’s camera when making a quilt.

Here is a few ways to use your phone’s camera throughout the quilt making process:

Photo your fabric so you have that with your when shopping for additional fabrics, backings and binding. The accuracy of color and clarity is pretty good and on the smart phone I can enlarge the photo for details and compare to other fabrics.

Photo the fabric requirements. You’ll have them with you & ready when you are to purchase and not have to guess at the yardage or carry that pattern around to shops.

Photo your blocks. When you look at the photo you can see the contrast of colors and prints. You may decide that you need to swap out a fabric to get the impact you want in your quilt. You may also find pieces that you’ve put together wrong.

Lay out your blocks and sashing then take a photo. You will have a record of your block placement. You can try laying out several different ways and look at them before sewing the blocks together. You can email the photo to a friend if you need advice. You may also find a flipped block before you sew & then have to rip out.

You can also lay out your borders & swap out with other fabrics take a photo and then decide which way you like it best.

I’m finding a lot of benefits of looking at the quilt photos, it really makes finding errors easier and  what a simple thing to do. I also like taking a photo before & after quilting the layers together.

Now all I need to do is remember to take the pics. So while I’m not into the selfie, I am into the quiltie. 🙂