Have you ever Googled your quilter?

I decided to Google my name & my business name just to see what pops up & to see if it was easy for my customers to find me and my webpage. I did find my website but was surprised to find a whole area of older quilt photos in Google+. I completely forgot that I had started sharing photos there!  I also found my name linked with an ancestry site label “mother of 8” !!!  No, no that is not me. I found a couple obits with my name, a little shocking to see my name in an obit, again, not this Nancy Hughson.

Its amazing how much technology has changed our way of life. I use search engines all the time to find facts, look up businesses,  look for quilt photos, garden info  and quilt patterns. Its also a little shocking how much info is out there about each of us. Take a look at your own name & see what you find.

I know this would have been very helpful to me years before I quilted for others. My first quilter lived in northern Michigan and I was unaware of any around the local area. If I had the ability then to search for a quilter I would have probably found many locally, where they were located, what their interests are and maybe even a blog of follow.

Today I’m looking for how to make a ‘feather stitch’ for my embroidery project. I simply put ’embroidery feather stitch’ in the search area and got a ton of hits.  I am amazed how many people have made short videos that will save me a lot of time looking around in all of my books.

Have fun today, get online and search yourself, your friends and your quilter. Its a lot of fun and you’ll be amazed how much you can find online. Its -3 this morning so I’m staying in to work but will also be working on a wooly project in between.

Stay warm!