Disappearing 9 patch with 4.5″ squares tutorial

I have made a few disappearing 9 patch with 5″ squares & basically know that if I use 3 fabrics it takes 3 yards of 2 fabrics & 1.25 yard of fabric for the center square.

I had some other fabrics I want to make one out of but I’m just short of the yardages I need so I want to make the squares smaller. This is what I calculated for making a Disappearing 9 Patch with 4.5″ squares & 3 different fabrics.

I have 3 fabrics, White, Multi, & Red.

Using 43″ WOF (width of fabric) I would need:

White = 2.75 yards, Multi = 2.75 yards & Red (the center square of the 9patch) 0.75 yards. I’m pulling this out of my stash.

Number of strips to cut at 4.5″ width- White 22 strips, Multi 22 Strips & Red 6 strips.

You should be able to cut 9 squares from each strip of fabric = 4.5″ square.

Your block will have 4 white squares, 4 Multi squares & 1 Red square in the center. You should decide which fabric you want to be the larger square before piecing the 9 patch block & put them in the outer corners.  Sew your 9 patch together.  Press the top row & bottom row seams away from the center square. Press the center row towards the center square. This will help the rows nest together before sewing. IMG_2303

Then cut it across the center in both directions.

IMG_2304 IMG_2305

Turn two sections to so that the small red square faces outward and leave the remaining two in place. See below:


Sew back together.


You will have enough blocks to place 7 across and 7 down. This will give you approximately 80.5″ x 80.5″ size. You can add borders to make the size you prefer.  I would probably add 2 borders maybe a 2.5″ and then an 8″ border to get the quilt to 90″ square.

2.5″ border would require about 9 strips so about 2/3rd yard of fabric.

an 8″ border added after the 2.5″ border would require 9 strips 8″ wide so 2 yards of fabric.

Now I’m going to go sew the rest & double check the measurements.