Catching up on photos

Just a few pic’s that I’m getting caught up on uploading. It’s a mini quilt show for the day.

Judy P’s made 4 bunk bed quilts all have poly-down batting.  Here are her Sailboat quilts with Fascination design allover from Lorien.  She made 2 of these.

IMG_1756   IMG_1757

Judy P’s Northwoods quilts with Autumn Leaves by Jodi Beamish. She made 2 of the same.

IMG_1762   IMG_1760

Next are Audrey W’s Modern quilt with Rustling Leaves by Lorien.

IMG_1769   IMG_1774

Jo M’s Big flowers quilt, Feathered leaves design by Donna Kleinke.

IMG_1818   IMG_1820

Cindy C’ls Elephant baby quilt, I Love It B2B by Ann Bright.

IMG_1810   IMG_1811

End of show, have a great day!