Spinning seam intersections

I saw this great video on spinning seam intersections. Now the video is a little bit long because she also shows how to glue baste her pieces together before sewing. If you have never spun a bulky intersection this is a great thing to learn. Spinning helps those bulky areas from popping up & is just a great habit to get into so all your seams are well pressed & knit together well.  The glue basting is an interesting way to keep your fabrics from slipping when sewn, its very accurate.  In this longer video she also prepared for spinning by starting 1/4″ at the start & end of the seam & back tacks. Doing this you will not have to snip a couple stitches before spinning. Purple Daisies also sells the glue tips at their website.


The second video shows a simple 4 patch & how to spin a seam so the intersection lays nice & flat. This was first shown to me at a guild meeting. I had never been shown this before & was amazed how easy it is. In this quick video you have to snip a couple stitches before spinning. Also they fail to mention you know you have it right because you will see a small pinwheel where all the seams come together on the backside.  This is especially important on quilts where more than 4  come together.


Hope these are helpful tips – sew on! Nancy