About T-shirt Quilts

It’s getting closer to graduation time & this is the time of the year to make T-shirt quilts for the young adults going off to college or that just might have a crazy number of shirts hanging around.  They are an easy and fast quilt to piece. Make sure the shirts are stabilized with some lightweight fusible stabilizer before cutting your blocks to size. They sell these at most fabric shops.  It’s nice to use a sashing between shirts to make the seams less bulky. Two shirts together can leave a heavy seam that is hard to press open & often results in a raised up seam.

I’m asked often about quilting t-shirt quilts. I think cotton fabric backings work the best with these. The more shirts in a quilt top the heavier the quilt. They can get heavy fast so more is not always better.  Adding fleece or flannel along with batting makes them even heavier so in my opinion, cotton backs work the best. Consider using wide cotton backing or a good quality wide muslin if you are working on a budget.

I can quilt through the logo’s on t-shirts. It is important that any 3 dimensional items are removed or not added before quilting.  That includes things like heavy patches, scout badges, buttons etc. The rubberized adhesives we quilt right through without any trouble. I prefer using a more open simple design, like swirls, flames, circles and have a large selection of designs to choose from.

Here are a few pics of quilted T-shirt quilts (click to make larger):

DSC00711  DSC00708  DSC00138  DSC00139

DSC00118  DSC00125  Martha Tshirt 1 Martha Tshirt 2

DSC00012  DSC00013