Where did that fullness come from?

I hear this question a lot when meeting with customers. “I have some fullness in my quilt & I don’t know where it came from or how to correct it?”. First let me say, I not the quilt police and I don’t teach piecing. You’ll find many of my quilts are simple in design. I do see a lot of quilts & yes some have some issues with fullness. It’s not uncommon. It usually shows up at it’s worst in the borders. Thats where I see the biggest exaggeration of fullness.

There are lots of ways fullness can occur. Fabric stretches, seam allowances shift under the pressing foot & alter the size of blocks.  One thing I like to ask people is, have you checked your pieces for size? Most of the time a person can track the problem back to the inner portion of their quilt. Have you squared your blocks & checked your seam allowance?  Accuracy from the beginning of the quilt can make a huge difference in the final result.

Check to make sure your pieces are the size they should be.  I ran across a great tutorial on ‘squaring half square triangles’.  Checking that a 12″ block is really 12″ is a good start but if it is off then you will be looking back to the starting point anyway, so why not begin there? This link takes you to Ambers blog. You will find her ‘Tutorials’ tab & scroll down for her Squaring half square triangles link.


Now I’m going to go watch Amber’s tutorial & measure some of my own piecework.  We are getting more snow again today so it’s the perfect day for sewing.

Stay warm!


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