Quilt Videos

I’ve learned a lot of my quilting skills from instructional videos. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use of the Craftsy videos! I like the ability of deciding when I have a free moment & a chance to pop up a video and watch a new technique. I can pop some earbuds on & its a no compete with whatever hubby is watching on TV at night. It’s a great way to escape the daily doldrums & learn something new. When I need some quilty mojo, quilting videos are where I find motivation and inspiration.

I like the way they split up the videos into sections so I can watch a portion at a time if I don’t have time for the whole thing in one sitting. The Free Quilt Backs video was great! I learned more about how quilts can be put together freestyle on a design board without all the rules & corner aligning. What a cool new techno world we live in where I can take classes at any time & even in my PJ’s! Whoot-whoot!! Oh & there are other sources of online instruction too which I will mention in future blog posts.

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