Box Trot Quilt

MaryAnn made this quilt from the pattern Box Trot.  Its a extra large quilt so I’m just taking a few snaps of it. The quilting design is Festival E2E, Pink thread & Hobbs 80/20 batting. Beautiful colors!!


This is the back of her quilt with a flower fabric in the center. This quilt is 116″ x 122″, made for a larger elevated bed.


What’s up Monday

Whats on my machines today?  Two very different style of quilts. First is Shirley’s modern BQ3.  I love the prints she used.


The second quilt is Maryann’s floral quilt. Its a big one, 116″ x 122″!  My machine is maxed out with this on it and very little room on the sides for clamps. Beautiful fabrics, bright and cheery.


Check out the 1/4″ inner border. Now that’s a great skill on a large quilt like this. If you’re wondering, that’s a zero centering tape that I sometimes use to make sure I’m aligning the quilt straight.  It measures zero in the middle then by inch in each direction.

Spectrum Quilt

Yesterday I had a sewing day with Martha. She generously offered to help me with a quilt I am overdue making.  This one takes a little more thinking to get right. It goes from dark to light with all the colors and background. Now that I have the photo’s up, I see an error already. Ugh, time to get the seam ripper.

I think I need to pull out he design board and lay all the pieces out. I also haven’t paper pieced in a while so I had to get refreshed at first but now it’s coming back to me like riding a bike right? Thank goodness Martha was there to refresh me. She recently learned paper piecing so that really helped.  I’ll post more pics as I continue working on this.


Welcome to my revised Webpage

I have some changes taking place and decided it was a good time for a fresh new look for my web page.  I hope I transferred all of my photos so they can still be seen.

The biggest change is that I will be easing back on the number of quilts I do and hopefully doing more of my own quilts.  I’ve quilted now for others for 13 years and my body is telling me to slow down.  I’ll be completing those quilts I have in my closet and then only be accepting those from my small stitch group.   I do appreciate all of the nice clients I’ve met and quilted for. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all of the quilts over the years.

Thank you to all of those that have entrusted me with your quilts.

I will also be listing one of my quilting machines for sale soon. If you know of anyone that is currently seriously looking please contact me.