Public again

I’ve gone back to a public website again. I wanted a private group to not mislead those that run across my site in thinking I was taking on new clients, but it’s makes it harder for some to access the design listing so I’m setting it public again. If I’ve posted anything that my group would not like posted public please let me know and I would be happy to take it down.

I had to resupply some threads. I do go through thread so here are some I had to repurchase. Hello my pretties! I like to have 2 large cones available so I can fill bobbins without taking a cone off my machine.

My personal projects: Here’s the current Cuppa block I’m nearly finished with. A little more embellishing and I get to move forward. Of all the threads I purchased for this project, I found I’m running out of some colors. I’m grateful that Ann Arbor Sewing is now carrying threads for Sue Spargo or I can order them online but a trip to the quilt shop will be fun.

I also just finished up some placemats that my mother and I worked on years ago. We took a couple classes with Sue Nickels when the Ice house Quilt Shop was owned by Jill. They were over due don’t you think?

I’m also pet sitting Murray. Some of you have already met ole’ Murray when you came fr appointments. He’s a cute little old man, around 13 years old. He’s pretty easy to deal with since he sleeps most of the day and would love to go home with anyone that walks in the door. He doesn’t do stairs well with an old mans back so is never down in my studio, its still a pet free space.

We are still working on the expansion of my studio. The closets are now gone and next will be some wall finishing. I put up a new pleated blind. I have to have a electrician move the electrical breaker box which will not be for a couple weeks. I can’t believe how fast 15 years passed since we started the studio and I got my first longarm machine. I’ll try to get some photos as things move forward.

Have a great day and take some time for sewing therapy.

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