My Grandma’s Blocks

After my Aunt Thelma passed away, my cousin Linda found these blocks that our grandmother had made and kindly offered them to me. I have very few memories of my grandmother. I was only 4 when she passed away. I think most of my memories of her were actually from photos, so when I was offered some blocks she made I was thrilled to have them. Now years later I want to put them together but find they are all have their own finished size and originality. 😉
I thought I could possible take the smallest block and cut them down to match but that would leave some odd width and crazy edges on many of the blocks.
After some further investigation find the seam allowance inconsistency was probably the problem.
Check out the multiple piecing just to get some strips to length.
The fabrics are an eclectic mix of what appears to be fabric from clothing. The fabrics are pretty delicate but not too delicate to handle and work on.
Here is a photo of one block on top of another block. You can see a huge difference in size.
The seams are machine sewn.
The fabrics look like they were actually ripped to size but are fairly a consistent 2″ width.
I’ve decided to take the blocks apart, press, cut to accuracy and sew back together.
It will be a labor of love.
Here are a few broken down blocks. I’m committed now right?

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