Good Neighbor

Here are some photos of Cathy’s quilts. Cathy has been sharing her love of quilting with friends & family. Her grand daughter made this quilt while on vacation. She’s a new very young quilter!  Her quilt is quilted with Paw Prints B2B by Ann Bright.  (I denote the digital designer to give them credit for their work and because other quilters often will like a design and want to know where to purchase it.)


Cathy’s neighbor, Trudy, is also learning to quilt. She already sews but had never made quilts. Her quilt is quilted with an Ann Bright design called Maryann B2B.


This is Cathy’s Good Neighbor quilt. It’s very cool and modern. She chose Chartreuse color thread. The design is called Figure 8 panto by Karen Thompson.



Happy Binding!

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