Spectrum Progress

Martha came over for another sewing day on my Spectrum quilt. I’m really grateful for her help.  Its a little more challenging than I thought it would be. The sewing isn’t hard but getting all the pieces in the correct place is.   The darkest corner was done and we added a couple more diagonal rows.

It’s hard to see in the photo but the background grey fabrics are getting lighter. The colored pieces are also getting lighter. This will continue each diagonal row until I get to the lower right corner. You can see the pattern on the floor. I’m using it as a guide to laying this out. The sections are paper pieced so I’m pinning them onto the design board. We are just about half way there.  I’m running out of design board. I think I have to put some blocks together to make more space.

I’ve decided to sew the diagonal pieces so I can grab the #2 grey & the #2 color pieces and not get them mixed up. Design board is a must.


Spectrum quilt pattern is by Coleen Merte and can be found on her website http://www.northwaterquilts.com.  If you want to quilt along with me here’s what the finished quilt looks like.


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