5 & Dime Quilt and a vintage throw

Here’s Kathy’s 5 & Dime quilt. The quilting design is Brittany B2B, White Hobbs 80/20 batting & silver thread.


She chose a print backing. You can still see the texture. qC+kNdOuShmlzp27Mxk0Pg

This is a vintage quilt Kathy finished with a bird print border. I dropped this over a chair for the photo. The quilting design is Frond, the batting is Hobbs 80/20 cream & the thread color is blue.HHimi59xT5WjuT59M45vpAVB60KCLbQK+pN6FFqxAT5g

She chose a flower print for backing fabric. This is a nice little quilt. 5mFYMGQXRT66RfoiKQ46gQ

So I still have a few more client quilts in my closet to do. Martha S, Connie M, Cathy L & Liz C I’m getting there. Connie’s is next & then Cathy L.

I have 3 openings for Sept 24th – 27th retreat at the Lake Huron Conference Center. I need to know before Aug 1 if you want to fill a space. We have to report our info to the conference center so they can prepare for us. Email or call me if you want to attend.

I know it’s been hot and humid but soak in what you can because the days of summer are flying by!


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