Cathy L’s Charity Quilt

This is a charity quilt Cathy finished making. She didn’t have a backing but I just happened to have a bolt of fabric that was gifted to me that was the perfect match. It is hard to see the quilting design because of the busy print but you can see it on the back. Now all it needs is some binding. 🙂

The quilting design is Butter-Fly B2B, Poly down batting and Blue jean Gold thread.

Martha’s Trophy Wife Quilt

This is a pattern by Sharon Blackmore, a Canadian Gammill Rep and fearless leader of the Prairie Quilt Militia. Both Martha and I started making this quilt. Martha’s is finished and mine is still laying in a pile about 1/3rd finished. Didn’t this turn out lovely?

The quilting design is Persian allover, blue jean gold thread and Quilters Dream batting.

Beautiful Quilt Martha!

Asterisk Quilt Blocks

I picked up an old project I need to finish and started working on it again. It’s from a workshop I took in 2016. Time to get busy finishing up more blocks and putting it together. Right now I have 46 blocks done but realized I have a lot more navy color ones and need more of all the other colors to even up the distribution. Since they are only 6″ finished I will need more anyway for a decent throw size.