Quilt Prep & Terminology

Quilt Prep – It’s easy when following the check list!

 __Are all excess threads clipped?

__Are all seams secured? Please stay stitch any piecing on outer borders. 

 __Has your quilt top been squared?

__Has your backing fabric been squared?

Make sure your quilt backing is 8″   wider & 8″ longer than your quilt top. 

***Yes, I need 4″ on every side for clamping or I hit the clamps & it messes up YOUR quilt and my machine.

*** Note the quilt below does not have enough backing fabric, there should be at least 4″ on the sides.

IMG_2951 IMG_2952 

__Press all seams well so they lay flat.

__Fold quilt top & backing neatly and place on a hangar or in a bag. Hanging up your quilt will result in less wrinkles.

__If directional, mark the top edge of your quilt and back with a safety pin.

__Do not pin or baste the layers together.  

 Note: Any preparations not completed I will have to do before loading your quilt. Therefore,   I charge a fee of $10.00 – 20.00 per hour to do these preparations. I prefer that you square your quilt top and quilt backs before bringing them to me.

Quilting Tips & Terms Defined

Pantograph/Edge2Edge – One design is stitched from edge to edge and repeated over the entire quilt.

Custom – This includes one or more of the following: use of stencils, block work, stitch in the ditch, echo quilting, feathers and other motifs, background fills and cross hatching. Applique, dresden plates usually require custom quilting. 

Batting – You may bring your own batting or I have batting available for purchase. For the best quilting results I do not quilt using pieced batting. You have worked hard on your quilt top, it deserves a good bat. Batting should be 3-4″ larger on each side (ex: 8″ bigger than length and width of the top) than the quilt top. Batting brands I prefer which provide good results are Quilters Dream, Hobbs, & Warm & Natural and Legacy. Most of the battings sold at Joanns are not great for machine quilting, they are thin & designed for hand quilting.

Backing – 100% cotton fabric provides the best results. Please remove salvage edges before seaming. They create issues.

I have found for larger quilts, 108″ to 110″ wide fabrics are often more affordable and do not require piecing. The local quilt shops often carry a selection of wide fabrics. If you are looking for specialty wide back, I suggest checking www.Christianlanequilters.com. They offer a variety of prints and colors and ship priority mail so they usually arrive within two days.

Thread – I have a variety of thread colors to choose from. There will be an additional charge for specialty threads or color changes. I would be happy to discuss thread options when you drop off your quilt.

Binding – Bring your prepared binding & it can be attached to the front of your top for your hand finishing on the back I also do complete binding, machine sewn on the front and hand sewn on the back. Please see the pricing page for fees.

Basting – This service is for hand quilters that do not want to assemble the quilt sandwich themselves. I will baste the layers together across your quilt approximately 4″ apart to stablize it for your hand quilting.

Special/Additional Fees – Preparation work listed on the “Preparing your top” page is necessary in order to load fabrics on my longarm machine and assure a quality outcome. Because this takes extra time to do, I charge a prep fee if it is not done in advance. I have provided a preparation check list to make quilting as quick and affordable as possible



copyright © 2008 Nancy Hughson. All Rights Reserved

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