A Sneak Peak

Take a peek at Martha’s Tim Holtz quilt.  I finished this late last night so I’ll get better pics when I can unload it today. The fabrics are great but very prints so it’s hard to see the quilting over the prints. The Dancing Vine can be seen on the Tula Pink backing.

Linda C’s Cuppa Quilt

This is another Cuppa Sue Spargo quilt by Linda C. I’m custom quilting a few of these for the Block of the Month group I’m participating in. The stitching details are amazing. They have a cotton print back and wool batting. Most of the quilting is outlining and fill work in the background. There is so much time wrapped up in these, they are a wonderful piece to own.

Fall Barn Panel Quilt

Jo M made this pretty Fall Panel quilt. I love how she framed the center panel. The quilting design is Maple Canopy by Apricot Moon.  She chose a burnt orange thread and the batting is Hobbs 80/20.

 Sometimes it’s hard to see the quilting in photos so I’m sharing this snippet of the actual quilting design.

Paris Quilt

Judy P has made a lovely Paris quilt for her daughter. The quilting design is Wrought Iron (Jodi Beamish), Gold thread & Quilters Dream batting. The backing is a pretty green swede look fabric. Can you see the Eiffel Tower??

Dragonfly Quilt

Here’s Maralee’s Dragonfly quilt. The quilting design is Dragon Flies E2E, lime green thread & Polydown batting. This is a really cute quilt. My photo’s do not show the quilting well but the lime thread really shows up great on the fabrics.

Braid Quilt

This is Maralee’s Braid Quilt. It’s pieced with slightly wider strips, a nice effect and shows more of the prints. The quilting design is called West Wind @ Night by Christy Dillon. The thread is Bronze and the batting is Polydown by Hobbs. Her backing is the same Blue as the front but photo’d a little darker.


I’ll share another of Maralee’s quilts but I need the fog to lift to get a better photo. Watch for  her Butterfly quilt.

Maryann’s Baby Quilt

I finished quilting one of MaryAnn’s quilts. Her baby quilt is batik with a quality Minky backing.  This is a new baby design by Ann Bright called Magic.  Its a very sweet baby quilt.

Note: I will only quilt Minky or Cuddle fabrics by Shannon fabrics. They are high quality and they only stretch in one direction.  Cuddle fabrics are challenging to load with the edges roll but some of the cheap products stretch in two directions & are just too much trouble to deal with in my opinion.  This Shannon brand are both nicer looking & easier to work with.

Quilts for Kids

This is Martha’s stripy quilt with bunny that she made for charity.  A simple loopy design with flower called Jasmine by Ann Bright. Its ready for some wear & tear.

Cathy L made this cute baby quilt for her grand daughter. The quilting design is Berry Vine by Tammy Oberlin.  White thread & Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Threads @ Troy Historical Village & Gardens

Today I volunteered working at theTroy Historical Village white gloving for the quilts on display. I had never been to the Village and it was a great experience. They’ve put a lot of work into this program and its worth the trip to go see the village and the quilts that they are displaying all around in the buildings.  Here are a few photos I took today while there. I’ll try to share those that I recognize. There are many more & I’m just showing a few.  Several guilds participated and shared their quilts for this event.

In the General Store:

In the Parsonage: My Bakers man quilt on the table, & Martha Stewart’s Storm @ Sea over the door.

In the Church: The Asterisk quilt is Martha Stewarts, my Bonnie Hunter Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll, & Penguin quilt, and Sandy Kaufman’s Tree of life quilt.

Here were a few more in another building: My Round Robin quilt, Sandy Kaufman’s quilt & Martha’s Birds quilt.

They will also be having an interactive play on the weekend. Also there will be some workshops and demonstrations that are included with your entry.

If you enjoy seeing lovely gardens there are lots of things in bloom there too.  Here are some of the flowers between buildings.

Grab a friend & come to check out the Event.  It’s easy to find at the NE corner of Livernois & Wattles. This will be going on for the next 2 weeks. Check the date & time before heading out.