One Block Wonder

This is Cathy’s One Block Wonder. This started with a really cool looking stone print fabric. The fabric is on the border. The resulting blocks come from layering the fabric matching the design repeat prints and then cutting strips, then triangles and turning them to create hex shaped blocks. These are really fun to make and layout at the end can really change the look of the quilt.

Cathy chose a chocolate brown wide backing. The quilting design is Fluid Meander by Kristyn Hoftyzer, the batting is Hobbs 80/20, the thread is a taupe/grey.

I love how this turned out!


Turning a binding to back and miter in corner

This is a double fold binding. It has already been attached to the front of the quilt. If you use a 2.5″ binding then trim from where it is stitched leaving 3/8″. If your binding is 2.25″ then leave 1/4″ seam allowance. This should give a fairly even amount of binding on both sides of the quilt.

The first photo shows the top side of the quilt with the binding sewn and folded at the corner.

The next photo shows the back of the quilt with the binding folded towards the back. It will bend upward a bit right at the corner.

Take one side of the binding and fold down and pin or attach binding clips to hold in place. The binding needs to lay flat right to the other edge of the quilt back.  You can hand stitch this in place or go to the next step.  The important thing to note is keeping that first folded edge all the way up into the opposite edge of the quilt back. Holding that in place you will fold the left side binding down over it and pin or clamp into place.

In the last photo I’ve got my scissors showing how the binding beneath has to be tucked all the way up under the edge that is folded over the top. Pin in place and hand stitch down. If the corner lays flatter with the opposite side tucked under go ahead and do it that way! Easy Peasy!!

From Panel to Quilt

This is a new pattern by Coleen Merte of Northwater Quilts. The fabric is called Love Song by Clothworks. The pattern is available at Northwater Quilts (link above or in the links section to the right) or EE Schenck distributors.

The hearts look like they are appliqué but are really sections from a panel. This would be a great pattern for those large scenes or prints you just don’t want to cut up. The pattern offers difference sizes to suit different panel choices. The quilting is musical notes, taupe thread and Legacy batting.






Villa Rosa Patterns and Care Labels

Looking for a new project??  I’m now carrying a collection of Villa Rosa Pattern Cards. They are a great way to use the left over fabrics after trimming a quilt. There are patterns for 2.5″ strips, layer cake & fat quarters. They are also quick & fun for charity quilts or gift quilts.  $2.00 per pattern.

I’m also offering care labels that can be added t o the binding edge. They are great for gift quilts. Its a nice way to assure that a special gift will be properly cared for.  These are not for profit labels, 50 cents each to cover the cost.

Big Flower Block Quilt

Theresa made this really cute quilt for her grand daughter. I really like the block.  The quilting design is called Butterfly & Swirl, the thread is a vintage pink & the batting is Quilters Dream 70/30. I think the flower & swirl design looks really cute on this top.

Cute Charity Quilt

Here’s a cute quilt. The blocks were made by the quilters at last falls retreat. I think there were two or maybe three small quilt tops made by the end of the first day. These are really cute blocks and make up really fast. I have to finish the binding but this will be returned to guild for one of the charity’s they select.

The quilting design is called Modern Squares by Denise Schillinger, the batting is Hobbs 80/20 , and the thread is gold to go with some gold polka dots in the prints.

Cute, cute, cute!!



Happy 2018!

It was a nice holiday but the new year is here and it’s time to get back to quilting.  It’s also time to catch up on the year end books, take inventory and get tax documents in order.

Hope everyone is staying warm and finding ways to keep busy during this cold snap.

Happy New Year!

The final Cuppa Wool Quilt

This is Jan’s Cuppa Wool Quilt. It’s the last wool custom quilt I’ll be doing for clients. Her stitching was lovely. I think I learned a lot from just seeing all the wool quilt’s I’ve quilted this year.  Beautiful job, all of them.

Andrea’s Cuppa Wooly Sue Spargo Quilt

This is Andrea’s very nicely stitched Sue Spargo Cuppa BOM quilt.  This is the next to last custom wooly quilt I will be quilting.  I think this turned out nicely. There is a lot of outlining, and background fill quilting. The batting is Hobbs Wool.  I used 3 threads, a matching teal, bone and mono thread.  I think it turned out really nice.