Finished quilt photos

Donna made this beautiful quilt for her husband. The quilting design is called Dandy. The batting is Hobbs Polydown & the thread is gold. The navy circle print fabric is the back.

img_2486 img_2487 img_2488 img_2489

Jean made this cute coffee themed quilt. Its a snowball quilt. The fabrics are really cute & have coffee cups, birds & newsprint mixed in. The quilting design is Circles, purple thread & Wool batting. Cute!!

img_2491  img_2490

img_2492  img_2495

On the machine today

Here’s a couple quilts I’m working on today:

img_2477    img_2478

I’m finishing up several quilts during the TG holiday then will be calling after the holiday to arrange pick ups.

Enjoy sewing over the holiday weekend

Baby Clams

This is Grace’s quilt with baby clamshells allover. The batting is Polydown, thread is pale green. She chose a beautiful fabric for the backing. Clamshells give a lot of texture to the quilt.

img_2367 img_2366img_2365

Put the candy down!

Sugar is not my friend, it doesn’t hop me up, just drags me down and keeps calling for more. So why do I keep putting my hand in that bag??  I’m swearing off it today & hope to ignore it’s whispering in my ear.

Now on the quilt front. I’ve got a Round Robin quilt loaded which I cannot share until our group reveal when they are finished. I also am quilting a t-shirt quilt, a Christmas gift. Most of the quilts right now are being gifted so I might have to hold off on the photos and find some other ‘quilty’ bits to chat about.

Have a sew worthy day!


Connies Quilts

Connie made 2 very similar quilts. They have the cutest Bolivian print for the borders. The quilting design is Tole Painting by Ann Bright, batting is Quilters Dream & this has Rainbows variegated thread.

img_2356   img_2352 img_2353 img_2358 img_2359

If you look close at the border print you will find a rainbow color Alpaca.

The second quilt has the same quilting design but a solid yellow thread,  green border & different backing.

img_2368 img_2369 img_2370

Bonnies Quilt

Here are some finished photo’s of Bonnie’s quilt. The quilting design is Daisy Delight, the batting is Hobbs 80/20 & thread is white. This is such a cheerful quilt!

img_2351  img_2349 img_2350

Frond quilt

This is Martha’s quilt, using Frond fabrics. The quilting design is Sparks B2B. She chose a grey thread & Quilters Dream batting. These are just beautiful fabrics.

img_2335 img_2336 img_2337 img_2338 img_2340