Free Quilt Patterns

Did you know that Art Gallery Fabrics offer free patterns? Many of the fabric makers offer free patterns but I really like some I see at Art Gallery Fabrics. I just downloaded Mad Crossover.

The patterns are pdf download and just print off. Nice! I’m not affiliated, I just like their fabrics.

They also have Tutorials and other sewing patterns. How cute are these shoe laces?

So back to quilting. Its a icy foggy morning. The weatherman promises the sunshine will be coming soon, tomorrow. Until then, ice, rain, maybe thunder, odd January weather.

Enjoy your day.

Modern Quilt

Shirley made this pretty modern quilt. The quilting design is called Geometric B2B (Ann Bright), the thread is black & the batting is Hobbs Wool. Her backing could be another front. She placed some of the fabric from the front into the back to have a simpler design option when the quilt is flipped over. The wool really gives the quilting a lot of depth.

Kitty Quilts

MaryAnn’s Baby quilt. There are some kitty’s hidden in the sashing. Can you find them? The quilting design is Bubble Meander, white thread, Minky backing & MaryAnn requested no batting.


The second of her quilts has vintage print kittys in the center squares. The quilting design is Dragon Flies, cream thread, Minky backing & no batting.


Happy 2017!

Happy New Year to all my clients & readers. My husband had a cold for Christmas and I have it now for the new year.  There has been no partying at my house.  I’ll be glad to get it over with and get back into the quilting groove like planned.

If you have a quilt that you want finished now is a great time to get it in for quilting. Give me a call to schedule appointments for next week and going forward.  I’m trying to not share this cold with you if it can be avoided so I’m extending my time off a few more days.

I have some new things I will be trying this year. I’ve gotten some of my projects organized.  I plan on sewing a little each day if possible.   I’ll be sharing that as I go along. I have each project labeled and am using a free app called Wunderlist to keep track of where I am on each  one. This idea was shared with the Prairie Quilt Militia that I joined. I’m getting some great new ideas from this nice group of quilters & I recommend it to anyone interested. You can search it on Facebook.

I’m also working on a Block of the Month online. I’m using some Tula Pink FQ’s and some mixed white on white fabrics. A new step is released every two weeks and you can see the steps I’ve finished so far. I have no idea what this will turn into. Stay tuned and I’ll share each step as it continues.


Wishing you a Happy 2017!


Christmas Scrappy Quilt

Pam made a cute tablecloth for the holidays. She used scraps from other projects & turned them into this cute scrappy quilt.  It’s quilted with a snowflake design in white thread and a light weight Hobbs 80/20 batting. She also had a holiday panel that turned into a fast gift for the wall or table top. What a great way to use up left over fabrics.


Its a Pressing Issue

I’m going to post a video on pressing that is by far the best tip I’ve gotten to improve my piecing in years. The suggestion is this,  press on a piece of flannel. Yep, that’s it.  I’ve bought irons, Steady Betty, Starches, & whatever else is out there to make pressing easier, more accurate & just more fun. I loathe pressing yet I know its a super important part of the process. So if there is one thing you gather from this video, believe the flannel part will change the way you press your pieces. Now watch & you be the judge…just do it!

Thanks to Sharon Blackmore for doing this video.

A Pressing Video!

Posted by Sharon Blackmore on Saturday, September 3, 2016

Beautiful Braid Quilt & How to Avoid Stretching Fabric

This pretty braid quilt is a Wedding quilt. It has an embroidered border with the couples names & date on it (I try not to post photos with names). I’m just posting the close ups since its a gift.

The piecer ran into some challenges when making this top that many of us have also faced, fullness and wavy borders. As you can see in the photos, these issues can be overcome and result in a beautiful quilt. Of course it is much easier to avoid the trouble ahead of time if possible.

Most of the quilts I see with surprise challenges result because of bias edges. A braid quilt can be one of them. Even with the closest care, they can easily stretch along the bias edge when sewn. I often see this with setting triangles on quilts where the blocks are put on point. Its the nature of the fabric to stretch on the bias edge. When this happens the best cure is to fix it, take apart the borders & ease in the areas that have stretched & then reattach the borders. I see this a lot on quilts & have had a few of my own. I’m no expert on piecing but I get to see so many quilts laid out flat on a perfectly square machine and am often faced with figuring out how to make a quilt flat and quilt-able. Only so much fullness can be quilted in & its less than many believe.

How can this fullness be avoided? If you know your putting a quilt on point or angle, the best offense I’ve found is to liberally starch the fabric beforehand. Be gentle with handling when piecing. Make sure the presser foot is not too tight where its stretching the fabric when sewing. Also, I suggest making the stitch length a tad longer. Try to always put the solid piece of fabric on the bottom side & the pieced fabric on top when sewing. Finally, do not pull against the fabric when sewing, let it feed itself through or even push slightly the fabric towards the needle.

In the end what everyone wants is a beautiful quilt like shown below. What we all prefer is to not have to take the top apart & have to do a fix. The best option is to anticipate that a quilt has edges that are bias (cut on an angle) and will stretch. Take the extra care up front & save some time in the long run.

Isn’t this just a beautiful braid? The quilting design is PS I Love You, she chose a champaign color thread & provided Warm and Natural batting. I think they newlyweds will love it!!